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Quick, Free and No-Obligation Estimates

Time is precious. You want to know how much it will cost to move now. We understand that.

If you call us, 95% of the time we will be able to provide you a quote in 5 minutes. If your move is more complicated, we will send an appraiser to your residence or office to do an in-house survey.

You are under no obligation to book your move with us, although most likely you will once you get an estimate from us. Our rates are more than reasonable, especially keeping in mind the quality of services you'll receive. Call us now, get your quote - call is under 5 minutes, it's free, and there's absolutely no obligation from your side.


Friendly Moving Advice

We employ only highly knowledgeable and experienced moving consultants who share with us the passion of making our customers' life easier. With years and years of moving experience, you can ask any moving-related question you have. If the person on the phone will not have an answer to your question - one of his or her friendly co-workers surely will. We are moving experts. And we are here to share our expertise with you.


All-Inclusive Quotes

There will be no bait and switch techniques. Nor there will be any ambiguous situations.

Your hourly or flat rate will include everything you need: Truck, mileage, fuel, labor, basic moving supplies such as blankets and shrink wrap, basic insurance, and anything else that you and your moving consultant will agree is necessary for your move to be safe and efficient.

You will receive an email confirmation shortly after you book your move, which will clearly outline all the charges you and your representative have discussed. Two days before your move, you will receive a reminder of your scheduled service. And a day before your move, you will be sent a final reminder of your appointment.


Competitive Rates

Our quality moving service comes with a great price, too. We stay on top of our competition and actively adjust our rates based on season, availability and other relevant factors. It's very common to hear from our customers we helped them save 20-30% for their move.

Call us 407-268-6385 now to get your free no-obligation moving quote.